Fire Camp

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Gates open at I:00 PM on Thursday and close at 6:00 PM on Sunday. This is a leave no trace event, pack it in pack it out. A $15 donation donation will be accepted upon registration and signing of liability forms. Wrist bands to be worn at all times during the event. All donations will be appreciated and used wisely for improvements to Tranquility Base and future South Carolina burner events.

During the event the gate will close at sundown and reopen at 9:00 AM on ins or outs unless there is an emergency. On Thursday and Friday the gate will open upon request for late arrivals until 10:PM

Depending on weather and ground conditions car camping will be allowed, off site parking will be available. RVs and campers are welcome, advance reservations required for prime camping space.

Be prepared for cold weather.

ATVs are always encouraged at Tranquility Base we have some amazing trails in the area. During Spring, Summer and Fall events happy campers with kayaks, canoes, floats and inter-tubes are welcome to explore the Broad River.
This is a leave no trace event pack it in pack it out! Click the link for more info on Leave No Trace:

Leave No Trace Information